RIUTTA – ARKIVET — a Collection of Secrets 11.2.2021-6.3.2021

a Collection of Secrets
11.2. – 6.3.2021
Taidekeskus Itä
Valtakatu 66, Lappeenranta

ti-pe 11-17
la 11-14

ARKIVET is a group of artists consisting of Putte H. Dal, Hilde Dramstad, Camilla Luihn and Ella Heidi Sand. As jewelry artists they each have their artistic distinction. What they have in common is that they like to apply a theme based and conceptual approach to their craft. Since their debut as a group in 2014 they have had numerous exhibitions both in Norway and abroad. ARKIVET sets out to investigate, through their individual works, different angles on how jewelry may work as a medium to promote dialogue in society today. Projects are developed through discussion and research with a common wish to bring jewelry as an artistic expression into contemporary society. For example, ideological, socialist, capitalist or ecological values may be analyzed and processed through jewelry to artistic expression that fosters reflection. The jewelry materials, artistic idiom and narrative content discusses the chosen concepts for each exhibitions. A Collection of Secrets Reflect on the number of secrets and stories we carry with us. Take, for example, what is passed on from one generation to the next; family secrets, stories and memories we keep to ourselves. Your and my thoughts, what we don’t share and what we may never talk about. Stories only a few know. Shame, guilt, emotions. Anxiety and joy. Could you share everything? And would you like know everyone else’s secrets? There is power in having secrets and power in knowing others, while something is too heavy to bear, or too difficult to tell. Secrets can be treasures or curses. Burdens or joys. Certain things are forgotten, others forever remembered. In their next project, the artist group The ARCHIVE processes some of these secrets and presents them as a collection and as an exhibition. From each artistic and human standpoint, secrets are visualized or told and each of the artists has their own technique, symbolism and personal experience to draw from. At the same time, they share a common fascination and interest in communication through contemporary art jewelry. The works alternate between the intimate, self-exposing and the grand and historical – which is also always expressed in a site-specific exhibition design. To the project A Collection of Secrets, they have invited the artist, Aliona Pazdniakova to participate. http://www.arkivet.info Putte H. Dal: www.puttehdal.com Hilde Dramstad: https://hildedramstad.weebly.com/ Camilla Luihn: http://www.luihn.no/ Ella Heidi Sand: www.heidisand.com Aliona Pazdniakova: www.pazdniakova.com Contact person: Putte H. Dal, E-mail: Putte.h.dal@gmail.com / Cell phone: +47 930 49 467