RIUTTA & ROIKKA – Kajsa Lindberg & Anna Fernell — Don’t talk -talk 4.-27.7.2019

Kajsa Lindber, Anna Fernell

Don’t talk – talk

A duo exhibition by Kajsa Lindberg and Anna Fernell, a dialogue between our separate work. Two years ago we made an exhibition together that presented a meeting between linguistic, spatial, material, similarities and differences.

Our work has common touch points that we continue to explore in this exhibition. Our common view on material choices is that it should be available and that it affects us in everyday life. The work is based on simple materials that are symbolic, fragmentary stories and thoughts. We like to work outside the verbal language and we both work directly in the material where the process, the repetition and the randomness are of great importance.

Finding an understanding beyond the spoken language. We are both fascinated of the language and that it is so important and often blinded to what we are seeing. Our work is in a constant process where parts are replaced and adapt to spatial conditions.

Kajsa Lindberg and Anna Fernell got to know each other at Ädellab/Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden in 2003. Both still work and live in Stockholm.