RIUTTA – Koen Jacobs & Aaron Decker Junior, Kinder, Wunderkind, Sunday Child – A playroom for friends who meet. 10.1.-2.2.2019

Koen Jacobs & Aaron Decker
Junior, Kinder, Wunderkind, Sunday Child
– A playroom for friends who meet.

Koen Jacobs and Aaron Decker, akin to their most recent artistic explorations – Marionette pendants, animal figures, enameled rings and starry brooches come together in the first duo showing of these artists. Born from the idea of two childhood strangers coming meeting for the first time, trepidations, innocence, and vulnerability permeate these playful pieces and create a home, a playroom, a playground, and these objects which are housed their. Two who have never met, kids in their own right, their jewelry coming together in a room where the pieces will meet.

Koen Jacobs  is an Amsterdam based jewellery maker who is fascinated by the memories that jewellery can carry. His passion for nature and fascination for movement come together in a series of refined jewellery and marionettes that can really come to life. Koen combines his craftsmanship as a professional gold and silversmith with the knowledge and research he has gained at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, where he graduated in 2017. With his graduation work ”The Artificial kingdom” he won the Overduin Award 2017 and he participated in several exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Aaron Decker is a jeweler based in America. Growing up in a military family, living on bases, and next to soldiers, Decker distills his childhood memories into queered, colorful jewelry with a sad, and playful innocence. Working with the material of enamel, Decker pushes the boundaries of the tradition as a child playing with his food. A background in goldsmithing, his training led him to Cranbrook academy under the guide of Iris Eichenberg where he earned his MFA in 2015. Awarded the Marzee Prize 2015, The Mercedes Benz Emerging artist prize 2015, and a Talente finalist 2019 – Decker’s jewelry is exhibited in the US and internationally.

Aaron Decker