RIUTTA – Schuschkleb, Boonyapan, Becker, Grewenig, Link & Connellan — In Dialogue 4.-27.7.2019

Sarah Schuschkleb, Cherry Boonyapan, Lilith Becker, Marie Grewenig, Niklas Link & Julie Connellan


Our group consists of 6 individuals who became friends more than ten years ago while studying contemporary jewellery in Germany. We later went our separate ways, some continued with their studies while others undertook research in other fields. The process of dispersion led to Bangkok (TH), Halle – Saale, (DE), Stuttgart (DE), Saarbrücken (DE) and Galway (IE).

For this exhibition we intend to respond creatively to each other’s works. These responses won’t necessarily take the form of contemporary jewellery, on the contrary. We believe that multi-disciplinary responses could provide visitors with a tool with which to engage with the jewellery. We would also invite visitors to participate by also responding.

As the title of our exhibition suggests, we want to open a dialogue with the public who will visit the exhibition.“